How does the Mirabilis procedure work?

The Mirabilis system uses ultrasound energy in two ways - to allow a physician to see inside the body to locate fibroids, and then focusing high-intensity ultrasound in fibroid tissue to heat it and kill (ablate) the tissue. When the fibroid tissue has been ablated, it shrinks over time, and this is what can lead to relief from symptoms due to fibroids.

The imaging part of the system works like any other diagnostic medical ultrasound system - it sends out low intensity ultrasound waves, and "listens" for reflected waves to return to the system. When these returning waves are combined in the right way, an image can be formed showing structures (like fibroids) inside the body. This is the same technology that allows us to see babies in the womb.

The therapy part of the sytem uses a large bowl-shaped ultrasound transducer to concentrate ultrasound energy in fibroid tissue. Just like using a magnifying glass to concentrate the energy of the sun's rays, the energy level at the surface of the body (or at the surface of the magnifying glass) is low and doesn't cause damage. At the focal point, however, all of that energy is brought together and can rapidly heat and ablate tissue.

Caution: The Mirabilis System is limited by federal law to investigatinoal use in the United States.