Mirabilis is a privately held, venture funded company. Our principal investors are:

Charter Life Sciences

Charter Life Sciences (CLS) is an early stage life sciences venture capital investor. CLS makes initial portfolio company investments in life sciences companies that are seeking capital to obtain initial proof-of-efficacy of their products (see Investment Criteria), and we continue to support our successful portfolio companies with follow on investments until they are acquired or go public.

GSR Ventures

GSR Ventures is a venture capital fund that invests primarily in early and growth stage technology companies with substantial operations in China. China has some of the world's largest and fastest growing technology markets. We strongly believe that with large and homogeneous technology markets, talented entrepreneurs and the emergence of disruptive technology, the next generation of global leaders in technology will emerge from China.

Caution: The Mirabilis System is limited by federal law to investigatinoal use in the United States.